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Hey y'all and G'Day!

We're Kelli and Daniel and we're thrilled you're checking out our work. Your wedding photos are your first art purchase together, future family heirlooms that will show your children and grandchildren a sense of who you were when you began your new life together.

As a husband-and-wife creative team, we've photographed hundreds of weddings. We can offer creative input and ideas, help plan and coordinate with other vendors, advise on wardrobe and color palettes, as well as styling for photos sessions worthy of your favorite magazines. 

All our wedding photography services are customizable. Here are some our most popular options, which are also subject to 6% sales tax:

Classic Collection

$5,300. Up to 9 hours of wedding photography by two photographers.

+ High-resolution image files.

+ Personal use printing rights.

+ Online photo gallery for viewing and ordering.

Other Collections

$6,700. Up to 10 hours of photography by two photographers.
+ Custom-designed, 24-page, 10x10-inch wedding album.
+ High-resolution image files.
+ Personal use printing rights.
+ Online photo gallery for viewing and ordering.
+ 1.5-hour engagement or bridal session with one photographer.

$8,000. Up to 11 hours of photography by two photographers.

+ 24-page, 10x10 album and two 8x8  duplicate parent albums.

+ High-resolution image files.

+ Personal use printing rights.

+ Online photo gallery for viewing and ordering.
+ 1.5-hour engagement and 1.5-hour bridal session with one photographer.
+ $200 print credit.

$13,000. Up to 12 hours of wedding day coverage by two photographers and six additional hours of wedding-related coverage by one photographer for smaller events. Divide your hours in two-hour blocks for bridal lunch, showers, guys' outing, etc. 

+ 3.5 hours of rehearsal dinner coverage.
+ High-resolution image files with personal use printing rights. 
+ 24-page engagement session or bridal session book. 
+ 40-page, 12x12 album. 
+ Choice of either two 40-page, 8x8 duplicate parent books or one premium 10x10 duplicate parent album. 
+ $400 print or album credit. 
+ Online photo gallery for viewing and ordering.
+ Complimentary travel for U.S. and select international locations.                      * Travel limitation details may apply.
+ Engagement, bridal and after-session, 1.5 hours each.

A la Carte

$800 for 1.5-hour bridal or engagement session, one location. *Some venues charge an additional photo fee ranging from $25-$250. We will discuss this with clients during planning.

$650 for each additional hour of photography.

$1,400 for 3.5 hours of rehearsal dinner coverage.

$900 for a 24-page, 8x8-inch wedding book, portrait book or duplicate parent book with complimentary local delivery. 

$1,500 for a 24-page, 10x10-inch album with complimentary local delivery.

$3,000 for 40-page, premium 12x12 or 14x10--inch album with complimentary local delivery.

$1,500 for maternity, newborn or family sessions and 24-page portrait book.

$125 for a 16x20-inch premium portrait print, unframed.

$350 for a 16x20-inch premium canvas portrait, unframed.

$450 travel fee per day for weddings 50 miles+ outside of Birmingham in Alabama, the Gulf Coast, Georgia, Mississippi or Tennessee.

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